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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Condominium Interior Design final assignment

I saw that my lovely roomate, Itto AnGurei  (did i say 'lovely' ? eeeuuu...hahaha ) was so struggle in the few days to finished his final assignment for his Interior Design course at SEGI College in Subang...The most important thing is he said that he doesn't have to sit for the Final Exam paper,but just have to finished the assignment to pass the semester...urrrghhh...so jealous...

Anyway,this is the pictures of his work,took using his Nokia Express Music 5200 :

living room

master bedroom

child bedroom

dining room

overall from top

Anyway,to those chicks out there (anyone else also can lah..eheh),that impressed with his work,just mail him at : itto.itto@yahoo.com.
By the way,he also have Facebook.

So,what do you guys think of his work? Hohoho...

p/s : itto,dapat byk amoi,jgn lupe kenalkan kat aq..xya ramai2....4,5 orang pon cukop...HAHAHA


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