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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How To Get The First Date...uuuuu...

Ehhei guys...this entry is for the lone ranger,hahaha...i mean the one that don't have the self-esteem to get their dream girl....

See, there are a lot of guys out there who
don't have any problem meeting women and
talking to them.

But for some reason, they just can't quite keep
the conversation going to a point where they're
able to ask the girl out.

Let me make something clear:


So if you fail to do that, then you've just
wasted your time.

Seriously, unless you were just bored and
looking to pass the time by chatting someone
up, you've accomplished nothing.

Whenever you see a girl you want to meet, your
goal should be to GET HER OUT ON A DATE.


End of story.

And in order to do that, you have to build a
certain amount of trust and comfort in her
before she will willingly give you her
(correct) phone number.

I know guys who can get a girl's number within
a couple minutes of meeting her.

But the quality of that number isn't always the best.

About 90% of the time, it's a fake number the
girl gave him just to get away from him, and
the other 10% of the time, the girl isn't
interested enough to go out with him.

So going for the number too soon before you've
created enough trust and comfort could
dramatically lower your chances of
seeing her again.

So here's what I recommend...

In a previous email, we covered how to captivate
the girl's imagination with storytelling, and
before that we covered how to start
conversations with women using an Opener.

Now it's time to apply those lessons.

When you first meet a girl, it is usually a good
idea to have at least 3 openers and 3 stories
memorized that you can talk to them about.

Be sure that the openers and stories are good,
open-ended, and interactive conversation pieces.

Then, you're going to STACK them.

What do I mean by that? Let's break it down

Let's say you have Opener A + Story A.

You meet the girl with Opener A, which leads
into Story A. As soon as Story A runs its
course, you change topics with Opener B,
which then leads into Story B.

Then you repeat the process with Opener C and Story C.

See how that works?

In my experience, by the end of three stories,
the woman usually feels like she knows you
enough and is comfortable enough with you
to want to see you again. THIS is the time
to get her number!

I know that some guys might find this prospect
scary, because this could be where she
rejects you.

The thing I want you to remember at this point
is that women KNOW when a man approaches them,
they're interested in them.

And if you DO NOT ask her for her number, she
will assume you actually AREN'T interested in
her, or don't have enough balls to act on your
interest, and move on.


Even if you KNOW you're going to crash and burn
with this girl, ask for her number anyway!

That's the whole GOAL of the interaction, so if
you're going to fail, fail all the way. Don't
leave the woman you were talking to feeling
like you didn't cross the finish line.

Remember: You're going after the DATE.
Get it or die trying!

Here's the sequence I usually follow when
getting the date:

1. Invite her out right then and there. Either
I'll ask her what she's doing right now and if
she wants to get a drink. If that's not
convenient, I'll ask her if she wants to
meet up later that night.

2. If she says "Yes" to meeting up later, I'll
then ask for her number. If she says "No," I'll
still ask for her number because I like her and
I want to see her again.

3. Finally, I'll ask her when a good time to call is.

That simple 3-step process will get you a TON of dates.

Setting up the next meeting during the initial
interaction is ideal. If you can't do that,
get her number and try to set it up later.

Some guys say you should go for an email address
instead of a phone number. I've had mixed results
with this tactic.

I still think the phone number is the way to go.
Email has too many variables that aren't in your
favor. What if she doesn't respond to your
initial email? If you keep sending emails,
you run the risk of looking desperate.

If you call and she doesn't answer, you can
continue to call until you catch her.

Once you get her on the phone and talking,
then you can set up the next date. You
can also ask her about email and Instant
Messaging info. Usually, you want to
establish "second contact" before going
that route though.

And remember, you must always approach every girl
with the intention of getting her out with you!
Unless you do that, you're just wasting your time.

Wishing you success with women,

I got this from Joseph Matthews,sorry cant recall his link...adehh.. =,="

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