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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How would Your Life be Without the Mighty Internet?? (LOL!)

haha...siyes aq gelak tgk pic neh..

if there's no internet
Image from Cracked

Like hell! Internet is like the undergarment of a person! We can't live without them. We wouldn't be secure.

But, what will happen if you can't poke people in Facebook, exposing your stupidity through videos that you posted on Youtube or even search for nude celebs through Google? Cracked offered their readers a penny-pinching $50 to the winner that canPhotoshop what life would be like in an Internet-addicted society learning to cope without it.

Now, these photos might not look like a designer's creation but they sure worth a laugh! Here are the top 10 selected photos that caught our attention..

Number 10:

if there's no internet

By billispimp
Where else can you get some porn??

Number 9:

if there's no internet

By dagur
Theatres would be crowded with people who would pay just to see a ridiculously bizarre cat performance

Number 8:

if there's no internet

By SkyPork
Real Twitter Birds will send your twits! Birds feathers everywhere~

Number 7:

if there's no internet

By jonhapimp
Ebay jumble sales!

Number 6:

if there's no internet

By TFindlay
No more mispeled wrds or abbreviations on exm pprs like in ym or e-mails

Number 5:

if there's no internet

By Lagomorph
Barter system is back!

Number 4:

if there's no internet

By SamLowery
Personal information will be displayed publicly like those preachers wearing cardboard signs saying "The End is Near"

Number 3:

if there's no internet

By kirbman16
Private chatroom in vans

Number 2:

if there's no internet

By Doomsday-device
Desperate spam on billboards!

Lucky Number 1: Boobtube!

if there's no internet

By BRWombat


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