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Monday, October 26, 2009

Wahlaweii...new iPod touch lah... New features. New price.

The new 32GB and 64GB iPod touch.
Improved performance makes gaming and web browsing faster and better than ever. iPod touch comes with all the innovative features included in the new 3.1 software. And you can access the web and your email through built-in Wi-Fi, making iPod touch a handy pocket-size computer. Learn more

The 8GB iPod touch.
Just RM779.

Enjoy games, the web, email and more, along with the new 3.1 software. Now at a lower price. Buy now

A great iPod.
Listen to mixes created just for you with Genius Mixes. Flick through your music in Cover Flow. Watch videos on a brilliant 3.5-inch screen. Give your iPod touch a shake to shuffle to a new song. And download apps when you access the App Store over Wi-Fi. Learn more

A great pocket computer.
Built-in Wi-Fi means you can quickly and easily surf the web, send email, update your Facebook status and so much more—all on a device that fits in your pocket.
Learn more

A great portable game player.
iPod touch is designed to make playing games a great experience. New games are added to the App Store every day, and with Genius recommendations for apps, the App Store even suggests new ones based on what you've already downloaded. And games are only a part of the thousands of apps you can enjoy on iPod touch. Check out some of our current favourites.
See the Games and Apps Showcase

The 3.1 software update.
Already have an iPod touch you love? Download the new 3.1 software to make it even better.
Download now


  1. wow~~~!!! jeles dgn pemiliknye... baiklah ako ngan ipod nanoku membawa diri... shuuuu~~~!!

  2. bukan ipod nano da de video cam ke? hohoho


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